PDF to Spreadsheet

for Mac

High Accuracy PDF to Spreadsheet Converter

Convert PDF to CSV(.csv) & Micorsoft Excel(.xls / .xlsx).

PDF to Spreadsheet

High accuracy PDF to spreadsheet converter.$39.95

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or Higher (Intel only)

Convert PDF to spreadsheet and edit spreadsheet

Extract spreadsheet data from PDF whole file or some pages of PDF.
100% retains layout and formatting in the editor or output documents.
Edit spreadsheet in powerful spreadsheet editor.
Find, replace text easily.
Cut, copy, paste, add, remove, move row and column easily.
Sort column easily.
Export as CSV(.csv) and Microsoft Excel(.xls / .xlsx) easily.

Select spreadsheet region by using viewport tool

Powerful viewport tool can be used to select spreadsheet region in each PDF page.
Remove non spreasheet data as CSV/Excel needn't them.
Remove any page what you need't .
Support encrpyted PDF file.
Press "delete" key from keyboard to remove any page that you need't.

Multi-time select region for special PDF file

There are some special PDF, the spreadsheet data and title are farraginous, and maybe more then one. You can use append function to selection spreadsheet region again and again in any PDF page.
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PDF to Spreadsheet

High accuracy PDF to spreadsheet converter.