Direct Communication

Customer's satisfaction is the best gift for us.We would like to try our bets to provide you with the best products and service. So we welcome any question or suggestion.

We promise to our customers that we will deal with emails within 24 hours after receiving them. Free trial customers are also welcome to enjoy our effective One Business Day Email Service! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Need more support?

If you still can not find the answer or have other questions, Please write to us with your order ID (if you have purchased our software), program version, the OS of your computer, detailed description of the problem you encountered at Support Team :


Buying issue.

. Which is the most convenient way to pay?

We recommend you to use credit card, as this is the most efficient payment channel, and the process fee is relatively low.

. Anything has to pay attention to in buying?

Please do keep the registered Email, order number with you for later upgrade and after-sale service, etc.

. In almost half an hour Im trying to buy the converter, however, failed, why?

This might happen because of one of the following situations:

1.The money on your credit card is not sufficient.

2.May it be the problem of some agents like REGNOW,PAYPAL etc. If you agree that we deal with this situation mannually, then you may write to us to confirm, and we will let REGNOW or PAYPAL solve the problem as soon as possible.

3.Some problems with our network, and we will deal with it at once. If unfortunately failed, please Email to Support Team :

. How come I was given a license code that only worked once? Do I need to get a net license code from you if I want to re-install the program?

If the license code works, it is unnecessary for you to get a new one.

. What can I do if I want you to send me again the registraton info without the registered Email and the order number?

You cancontact our support Emails and tell us more info on the order, such as your name, purchase date, company name or anything else that you have, since it will help us find your registration info in a quicker way.

. I'm buying with the credit card, however, why can't I get the program on time?

This may be because the credit card is in reviewing state. There are several situations that may encounter this state:

1.The transition money amount is big.

2.You are in the pirate version flooder or poor e-commerce country.

3.The IP address is not in accord to the one you have filled up.

4.Your Email or credit card has a refund record.

.I have a laptop and a desktop computer, can I use your program on both?

Yes,you can run the program on them.

.What can I do if I lost my license code?

you can send Emial to retrieve after the checking by our support team.